Feeling Powerless is a Sure Sign of Better Things to Come

feeling powerless
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Sitting around, feeling powerless. And then I have this sudden realization – a spark of light that has proven to me that great things are about to show up in my life.

Ready for it? I almost hope you’re feeling powerless right now so that you can get the shift I’m explaining in this post – while you’re reading it! Alas, I do not know if you’re feeling so helpless or depressed as all that. And I am not at all sure if what happened to me will happen to you.

But onward!

Feeling powerless is a sure sign of good things to come.

Here are three reasons this is the case (according to my positive attitude).

1. There’s nowhere to go but UP!

Look at the cartoon guy in the main image in this post. Do you suppose he is feeling powerless? Blindfolded, he can’t hit his target. Arrows are flying in every direction.

Can he do any worse? Nah.

But ANY adjustment in that blindfold is likely to help. Given that things are always in flux, there’s nowhere to go but UP…….right?

2. There is power in powerlessness….

If you’re reading this article because you’ve been feeling powerless, then you’ve got one good thing going for you: self-awareness. And this is a GREAT thing!

Imagine if you had NO IDEA how you felt (powerless, helpless, etc…) but still had to act that way? You’d never realize what you’re doing or learn how to stop.

I love the engineering maxim:

A well-defined problem seeks its own solution.

If you remain consciously aware of your own powerlessness, your mind will begin to solve the problem.

3. Helplessness and powerlessness are not behavioral prescriptions.

Meaning, feeling a certain way and behaving a certain way are two very different things. People do courageous things while feeling panicked on the inside.

You’ve heard performers and athletes and so forth saying it all the time: Wow, I was SO NERVOUS, but it all worked out! They pulled off whatever it was because it is possible to feel nervous yet ACT confidently.

Your feelings don’t have to dictate your actions!

So, feel powerless but act POWERFULLY! It’s entirely possible.

And there are three reasons why feeling powerless is a sure sign of good things to come. Take it or leave it!

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