10 Journaling Prompts for Mental Health that Inspire Healing

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journaling prompts for mental health
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The 10 journaling prompts for mental health on this page come from a different place.

It’s not about your diagnosis or how to cope. These journaling prompts for mental health contain the empowering assumptions. More than any response you might give, the prompts send your mind in certain directions that are healthy.

Pollyanna? No.

Your life is made of your personal paradigms. How you see the world is how the world is (to you). The mental health system’s paradigm is the disease model, which says….

Something’s wrong with your brain. It can’t be fixed. Hopefully, we can manage it.

For some people, the disease model might be the best option. Hoping to recover and improve your life might only lead to disappointment, right?

How about you?

Do you want journaling prompts for mental health that inspire hope and recovery? Or are you more comfortable believing you have a disease that must be managed? Either way is fine. But if you’re leaning toward hope for recovery, take these journaling prompts for mental health seriously.

Origin of the Journaling Prompts for Mental Health

The 10 prompts that follow are informed by linguistic patterns associated with NLP or neuro-linguistic programming. You can read more about NLP if you wish. If not, just know that embedded in each journaling prompts are linguistic presuppositions that entrain your brain in the direction of hope and recovery.

When you write in your journal, inspired by the prompts,  you will be initiating and reinforcing new neural pathways in your brain. That’s right! Journaling on paper is brain journaling.

Without further ado…

10 Journaling Prompts for Mental Health

1. Several things have gone right for me and here they are…

What goes right or wrong is 100% a matter of perspective. If you woke up alive today, then more things than we can count went well for you. Focus on what in your world is working. So much is working!

2. I can’t help but feel grateful for…

Ah, gratitude. It can rewire your entire life. All you need to do is Google the research on gratitude and you’ll have to confess that 1) You’re not nearly grateful enough and 2) Becoming so will alter your destiny.

3. It would be liberating to realize…

Why not train your brain to seek emotional freedom?

4. I really should forgive…

Whom? Yourself? That’s an option. Your parents? A friend. Your third-grade teacher? It doesn’t matter. And it doesn’t matter if you actually forgive anyone, either.

5. I have more control over my life than I thought, so…

It’s easy to slip into a self-sabotaging, passive mindset. In this space, it feels like life is happening to you, not the other way around. Time to change the tide.

6. One simple thing I can do for another would be…

You don’t need to lead a life of servitude. Yet, you owe it to yourself to experience the fulfillment of meeting another’s needs. As long as you choose to do so.

7. Good things happened in my childhood, too. For example…

You survived it. And there were moments of happiness or relief or connection. Focus on those.

8. I really feel grounded when…

It could be a matter of noticing. And when you do, increasing the feeling of being grounded becomes more of a choice.

9. Things could go wrong today and if they do, I will respond by…

Be intentional. When you’re ready for stuff to go wrong, your responses will not throw you off.

10. I’ll increase my self-respect today by…

Here’s a short list worth writing, is it not?

And there you have it. 10 journaling prompts for mental health that send your mind in worthwhile directions. They’re not magic, just really worth your time.

The book Journaling Power by Mari McCarthy is the best journaling book on the market. 

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